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BGRIMM Machinery and Electrics Technology Co., Ltd (BGRIMM Sub-institute of Machinery) has always been focusing on R&D as well as industrial application and promotion of flotation equipments since 1960 and has made great achievements in the field of theoretical research, equipment development and engineering application, which promote the process of domestic large-scale flotation equipment, create and improve autonomous flotation equipment system, promote flotation process reforming and broaden the application field. The company is always steering over the direction of the flotation equipment development in China and represents the highest level on the application technology.

The successful development of 50m3 flotation cell in 2001 marked the initiation of large-scale flotation machine in China. The successful R&D of 150m3 flotation cell in 2005 and 200m3 and 320m3 flotation cells in 2008 indicates the flotation machine technology in China has reached the top level in the world. In July of 2012, the flotation cell of 320m3 achieved successful industrial application with its dressing index outperforming the design value and stable mechanical performance, which was the largest flotation cell in the world at that time. Until now, over 70 sets of flotation cells of 300m3 and above have been successfully sold at home and aboard. Based on more than 50 years of technology exploration and engineering practice, BGRIMM series flotation equipments have become one of the most famous brands in the world.

BGRIMM series flotation cell can adapt to various kinds of mineral species and different production demands on whatsoever site conditions.

At present, BGRIMM is developing agitating dispersion mechanism with higher efficiency, which will greatly reduce the consumption of power, reagent and water and provide environment friendly “Green Equipment” for the mine.

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