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Social Responsibility

1. Break through has been made on the issue that pneumatic flotation machines was unable to achieve the function of self-absorption, which was an international challenge. Thanks to the introduction of horizontal layout with Chinese characteristics, the capital cost in infrastructure can be lowered by 30% while similar equipment still lingers in laboratory abroad. Flotation machines developed and manufactured by BGRIMM has successfully smashed the monopoly by developed countries in this field, with the recovery rate of valuable elements and energy-saving improved by 1-3% and 15-40% respectively.

2. BGRIMM-MAT has made significant contribution to the advancement of mineral processing technology as well as the building of energy conservative and environment friendly society through undertaking 24 research programs at the state level and developing over 100 technologies with profound influence at home and abroad in the recent 5 years, with 2 prizes harvested for technology progress on the state level and 23 prizes on the ministerial level, as well as 16 patents acquired for inventions and 42 patents for practical and new applications.