Liang Dianyin

Liang Dianyin, professorial senior engineer, deputy chief engineer of BGRIMM, general manager and party branch secretary of BGRIMM-MAT, Director of BGRIMM Institute of Machinery, Chairman of BGRIMM Gu’an Machinery Co., Ltd

Liang Dianyin, majoring in metallurgical mining machinery, graduated from Dept. Mechanical Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing in 1982 and 1988 with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree respectively. Liang Dianyin was awarded “National Youth Science and Technology Model” by Central Committee of Communist Youth League and Ministry of Science and Technology and selected into “National Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talents Program” in 1998. Awarded Special Allowance by the State Council in 1999, Liang Dianyin is a leading expert and academic figure in China’s mining and metallurgical industry.

Liang Dianyin participated in project demonstration and research for National Key Science and Technology Program during the Eighth Five-year Plan Period, presided over the project demonstration and research for National Key Science and Technology Program during the 9th Five-Year Plan Period, and participated in the project initiation, demonstration and research on “Technical Research on Comprehensive Prospecting and High-efficient Development of Large-scale Mineral Resources of Scarce Metals” during the Tenth Five-year Plan. He took charge of 21 projects including Development of GCG Dry Magnetic Separator, Research on Technology and Equipment for Treating Tin Concentrate before Smelting for Yunnan Tin Group, Research on Technology and Equipment for Sillimanite Mineral Processing, Research on Equipment for Urban Domestic Garbage Recycling, Research on Large-scale Equipment for Mineral Processing (Key Project of  the Tenth Five-year Plan), Research on Technology and Equipment for Magnetic Separation and Flotation(Key Project of the Eleventh-five Year Plan), Technology and Equipment for Separation of Minerals in Multiphase and Flow State (State 863 Program), Research on Sloping Plate Dry Classifier” (an international cooperation project), among which there were 19 projects identified as international leading or advanced, one project awarded Top Prize, one project awarded Third Prize for National Science & Technology Progress, and seven awarded Second Prize for Science and Technology Progress at the ministerial level. Eight patents were acquired, 32 papers were published in core journals, and for example Development and Application of DCH Wet Horizontal Ring Magnetic Separator and Research on Technology and Equipment for Mineral Processing of Sillimanite, and 15 technical research reports were compiled.