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Flotation Equipment Technology

Flash Flotation Technology Applied in Grinding Classification Circuit

The flotation machine technology can rapidly recover at one time the monomer minerals already dissociated in grinding and classification process, significantly reduce the grinding cost and improve the utilization of resources. Meanwhile, it can reduce energy consumption, reduce mineral processing cost and prevent metal loss resulted by over-crushing. Separation concentration can reach 75% and the maximal diameter of the passing minerals is 10 mm.


Case Analysis

In 2012, 1 set of flash flotation machine was procured by Chongli Zijin Mining Corporation for the grinding and classification circuit, producing 283.17g / t gold concentrate directly and reaching a recovery rate of 24.03%. The grade of gold concentrate from the flash flotation machine was far higher than the 80g/t gold concentrate from the subsequent process, with prominent economic profits achieved.

Flow chart