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Flotation Equipment Technology

Technology for Efficient Separation of Bauxite with Low Silicon-Aluminum Ratio

The solution solves a series of major technical problems, such as sticky bauxite foam but large productivity rate, small air flow and narrow range, high slime content and weak selectivity etc, and accomplished efficient and large-scale development of low-grade bauxite. Single cell volume reaches 50m3, suitable for flotation/reverse flotation of bauxite and amenable to horizontal arrangement with middling returned to self-suction flotation machines. Aluminium-silicon ratio can be maximized and the recovery rate of alumina can be achieved simultaneously.

Case Analysis 1

During 2002~2011, Over 120 sets of 40m3 flotation machines were adopted in 7 production series using “Bayer Process” in Zhongzhou Aluminum Plan of Chinalco to produce bauxite concentrate, with Al2O3 recovery rate reaching 64.29% and A/S reaching 10.4. In 2011, the new four series brought an annual sales revenue of 697 million RMB, a profit of 17 million RMB and a tax revenue of 105 million RMB.

Flotation Cells in Zhongzhou Aluminum Plan

Case Analysis 2

In 2011, Tianzhang Aluminum Corporation in Shanxi adopted 27 sets of 40m3 flotation machines, with a recovery rate of Al2O3 in flotation system reaching 75.4 % and A/S reaching 10.1. Excellent indexes were achieved.

Flotation Cells in Tianzhang Aluminum Corporation