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Flotation Equipment Technology

Efficient Separation Technology for Iron Concentrate to Improve Quality and Reduce Impurity

The technology solves the problems during the de-silicon flotation process such as higher slurry density, higher concentration, lower air consumption, uneasy mineralization and hard delivery due to high stickiness. Flotation cells ranging from 2m3 to 320m3 can be provided, horizontal arrangement can be made for flotation cells smaller than 50m3 dispensing with middling pump, and stepwise arrangement can be provided for flotation cells larger than 50m3. Optimal technological and economic indexes can be reached by combining pneumatic flotation and self-suction flotation cells according to different particle sizes.

Case Analysis 1

From 2005 ~ 2008, Baotou Iron & Steel Co., Ltd adopted 20 sets of KYF/GF-50 flotation machines with horizontal configuration to replace existing 20m3 flotation machine for magnetite desilication. The technology and configuration can accommodate the previous height of the workshop, reduce energy consumption by 25% and equipment maintenance cost by 30%.

KYF-50 flotation Cells with horizontal configuration

Case Analysis 2

In 2010, 10 sets of 200m3 flotation machines were adopted in a 7 million t/a project of Dahongshan Iron Mine, a subsidiary company of Kunming Iron and Steel Corporation, to separate chalcopyrite and pyrite from iron ore. Stepwise arrangement was adopted to accommodate the limited workshop space, improve the sulphide recovery to above 93% and achieve good technological and economic results.

KYF-200 flotation machines in Dahongshan Iron Mine