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Flotation Equipment Technology

Technology for Recovering Resources from Solid Wastes Resulted from Mineral Processing and Metallurgy

Solid wastes resulted from mineral processing and smelting such as tailings and smelting slag can be processed to recover some valuable metals. Special flotation cells are designed in light of some features such as its high density, high slurry concentration and dissemination of valuable metals in less coarse or fine particles but more medium ones to address the thorny technical problem of lower recovery rate and proneness to precipitation, ensuring efficient comprehensive recovery.


Case Analysis 1

Guixi Smelting Plant of Jiangxi Copper Corporation with production switched in 2005 adopted CLF-40 and CLF-8 flotation machines. An additional 5137 tons of copper can be recovered every year from slag, with good economic and social benefits reaped.

CLF-40 Flotation Cells in Guixi Smelting Plant

Case Analysis 2

For the sake of better comprehensive tailing utilization and exhaustive recovery from tailings, 2 sets of CGF-40 flotation cells were adopted in 2012 at Jiangxi Copper Tailing Plant. Proven by industrial commissioning, comprehensive recovery up to the the standard of industrial application and promotion has been achieved. 

CGF-40 Flotation Cells in Jiangxi Copper Tailing Plant