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Flotation Equipment Technology

Efficient Separation Technology of Low-grade Sulfide Ore

We provide complete technology and flotation equipment with various specifications from 0.37m3 to 320m3 (single cell) catering for different sulfuric ores, processing capacities, flotation time and operation stages and suiting both stepwise and horizontal arrangements. Column flotation equipment and technology can be provided at cleaner operation ensuring efficient separation and good economic indexes.


Case Analysis 1

The 130,000.00 t/d expansion project of Jiangxi Dexing Cooper Mine procured 18 sets of 200m³ and 9 sets of 160 m³, 28 sets of 70m³ and 16 sets of 130m³ flotation cells as well as 8 sets of Ø4.3X12m flotation columns, with its production capacity increased from 90,000.00 tons to 130,000.00 tons, and concentrate grade and recovery rate improved by 0.42% and 1.5% respectively.

Dashan Concentrator of Jiangxi Dexing Cooper Mine

                                                                               Sizhou Concentrator of Jiangxi Dexing Cooper Mine                                           



Case Analysis 2

The Design capacity of the first phase and the second phase of Wunugetushan Copper-molybdenum Mine in Inner Mongolia (China National Gold of Group Corporation) is 35,000 t/d and 45,000 t/d respectively with large-scale pneumatic flotation cells and flotation columns adopted. In July, 2012,   KYF-320m³ flotation cell was successfully commissioned with loads. As the largest flotation cell in the world, the successful commissioning marks the equipment developed and manufactured by Chinese company reach the first-class level in the world.

KYF-320 Flotation cells in Wunugetushan Copper-molybdenum Mine