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Trackless Equipment

The company has been engaged in the development of underground trackless equipment for a long time. The company has made important contributions on the basic, common and prospective research, and has made development on underground trackless mining equipment. The technology and product performance of the 2m3, the 4m3 underground load-haul-dump(LHD), and the 10t, the 12t, the 20t underground mining truck, represent the highest level in China.
The company has provided high quality and low price underground equipment which can replace the imported equipment, and has made great contribution to the improvement of the overall level of the underground equipment in China.
Since the National Eleventh-Five-Year Plan, the company has been engaged in the research and development of underground intelligent mining equipment. The company has undertaken and completed some projects, such as "Study on High-precision Positioning Technology for Unmanned Underground Mining Equipments and Intelligent Unmanned LHD Model Technology" as part of National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (The National 863 Program) . During the National Twelfth-Five-Year Plan, the company undertook the project "Underground Intelligent LHD", supported by the National 863 Program, has became the pioneer in the development of underground intelligent LHD.

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