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Stirring and Mixing Technology Solution

Technology for efficient stirring and mixing can handle slurry preparation for a production scale of 500t/d to 10,0000 t/d of non-ferrous, ferrous and non-metallic concentrate. Special structure with large channel and multiple circulations can strengthen the interaction between slurry and reagents and solve the problem in which coarse particles run out of cyclones and negatively impact the stirring tank.

Case Analysis 1

320m³ flotation cells associated with 400m³ slurry preparation and stirring tanks were adopted in the Second Phase Project of Wunugetushan Concentrator which was switched in 2011 and put into operation in July 2012 with a daily processing capacity of 45,000 tons. GBK 8000 slurry preparation and stirring tank with a diameter of 8m can ensure stable and even mixing so as to solve the technical problems of rapid mixing of slurry in large flow and precipitation of coarse particles.

GBK8000 in Wunugetushan Concentrator of China Gold

Case Analysis 2

Dashan Concentrator of Dexing Copper Corporation went through upgrading in 2008 with the daily processing capacity increased to 69,500 tons in two series and 200m³ flotation cells associated with 230m³ slurry preparing and stirring tank adopted. BK6500 slurry preparing and stirring tank developed by BGRIMM-MAT driven by belts proved to have good performance with full mixing, uniform concentration, no distinguishable layers of particle size and no precipitation of large particle sizes.

Case Analysis 3

A Phosphorus Company in Saudi Arab adopted in 2009 the agitators developed by Lightnin with operation interrupted by intense precipitation. In 2010, BK 4000 and BK 3000 developed by BGRIMM-MAT were adopted instead, and as a result, the plant operation have stayed stable and free of precipitation.

BK4000 Stirring Tank in in Saudi Arab

Case Analysis 4

At a project with an annual processing capacity of 4,500,000 tons in Yunnan Phosphorus Group, GSBK4500 agitators with double-impeller developed by BGRIMM-MAT featuring large diameter and lower rotation speed were adopted in 2010, a good solution to the technical problems of precipitation and mineralization scaling.

GBK4500 Stirring Tank in Yunnan Phosphorus Group