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CT Series Dry Permanent Magnetic Separator

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Application Scope

It can be used for pre-selection of ferrous metal ores, recovery of surrounding rocks or waste rocks, separation of steel slag, and separation of materials such as building materials, non-ferrous metal ores and non-metallic ores to remove magnetic impurities.

Main Features

Model: CT-0612/0618/0809/0812/0814/0816/1012/1014/1016/1018/1212/1214/1216/1218/1222/1224/1416/1424/1527/1532/1627
Drum diameter: 500~1600mm
Drum length: 500~3200mm Sorting granularity: 0~400mm
Capacity: 0~3000t/h(Pre-selection), 0~5000t/h(Recovery of surrounding rock)

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