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Efficient Control Technology for Flotation Process

The solution can provide technology for single-operation level control, multiple-operation coordinated level control, control of aeration volume for flotation cells and flotation columns, monitoring of shaft temperature and automatic lubrication.

Internationally or domestically famous brand hardware and components are used in the control system, which is endurable and can withstand tough condition such as plateau, cold, humid or dusty environment. Friendly HMI with concise information is equipped and facilitates operation. Terminal is available for remote communication with local DCS. Every and each BFPC flotation control system can be modified or integrated based on individual demand and site condition so as to optimize the flotation performance and control effect.

Case Analysis

9 sets of KYF-100 flotation machines were adopted in Jiaojia Gold Mine Concentrator in Shandong with a daily processing capacity of 8000 tons. 5 control systems were put in place monitoring 5 operations as preferential flotation, roughing, scavenging etc providing solution to the vibrating level resulted from unstable grinding circuit and inconsistent processing indicators due to unsteady aeration or fluctuating pressure, disturbance to level measuring device due to viscous slurry, much impurity and high corrosiveness. The control system achieved good results with level and aeration value approximating the target, the level steadiness error within ±15m and the aeration steadiness error within ±20 Nm³/H. The specially equipped shaft temperature measuring device boasts of high accuracy, convenient installation, automatic warning system for abnormal temperature, promoting the reliability of equipment operation.

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